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WHY DO YOU ONLY OFFER coordination?

Clients in need of coordination are generally more enthusiastic and confident in securing their vendors and designing their day, but realize that they don't want to be the event manager of their own wedding. It's also possible that the selected wedding venue may require their couples to bring in their own coordinator. No matter the reason, the challenge and excitement of stepping in and joining your team in those final months is where we shine. There's so much fun in sorting through the plans and details that are entirely YOURS, while also helping you to identify any possible holes or gaps in your plans.

There's also just something special about watching you breathe a sigh of relief as you hand things over. We want to celebrate your hard work with you and help you to trust us to make it your reality.

When does my relationship with Events With Love begin?

Once we're booked, our relationship begins right away! 

You'll be receiving some helpful planning guides immediately. After that, you can feel free to email us with any planning questions you might have and we offer a monthly, 30 minute phone call when you need it.

Our relationship is going to really kick off two months before your big day. That's when we'll start gathering all of your plans + details and get everything ready for you to hand it over to us to execute. We want you to sit back and enjoy your wedding day and this is an important part of the process.

What's your wedding planning philosophy?

When it comes to planning, we're passionate about making your event feel less like an “event” and more like a series of significant + personal moments all combined into the most memorable day of your life. Sure, there’s a traditional wedding script and structure that we can lean on, but the goal is to use that as a starting point, not a rule. We'll work closely with you to take your vision and make it your wedding day reality.

What kind of coordinator are you?

When it comes to coordinating, it is my sincere hope that once your wedding day arrives, you don’t spend a minute worrying about your plans coming together the way you want them to. We want you, your best girlfriends and guys, and your family (all of them) to be there celebrating you – not worrying about centerpieces and if the caterer arrives on time and knows where to go.

And when the day arrives, it's never our desire to be the bossy gals making sure everyone operates on a perfect schedule. Nope. We will arrive to your wedding venue full prepared and organized so that there's a sense of calmness and joy.

Do you limit the amount of hours you'll be there on wedding day?

For basic coordination, we provide ten hours of on site wedding management (we're happy to discuss adding on hours if you need them or your venue requires them). Generally, we arrive once your first vendor arrives so that we can lead your setup and we'll be there through the end of the night to help with breakdown.

How do I book Events With Love for my wedding?

In order to secure your date, you'll sign our agreement and pay a 50% deposit. Full payment is due 60 days prior to your wedding day.

Reach out to chat with us and see if we're the right fit for your big day! We're currently booking for 2022 and would love to learn all about your goals and vision for your wedding.

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